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Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing in Washington, DC: Anne’s Place Approach

Anne’s Place takes pride in our innovative Supporting Housing Scattered-Site Leasing model, uniquely tailored for the diverse communities of Washington, DC.


In this model, supportive housing units are owned or leased by Anne’s Place and strategically dispersed among various buildings or properties. This approach allows us to integrate supportive housing seamlessly into the general community, utilizing a variety of housing types, including condominiums and apartments. We believe in preserving available affordable housing  and providing all that is needed to live.

To Live You Need (according to students at the Adas Israel Religious School):

Key Features of Our Supportive Housing

  • Targeted Support: Our supportive housing targets individuals experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, or in unstable or temporary housing. We recognize and implement trauma-informed care when working with things such as mental illness, substance use, and other disabling or chronic health conditions.
  • Affordability: Ensuring affordability is at the core of our model. Tenant households ideally contribute no more than 25% of their income towards rent, promoting financial stability.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: Our approach proactively engages residents with a tailored and comprehensive array of supportive services. 
  • Coordination and Crisis Response: Fostering housing stability for our residents, includes effective coordination with key partners to address issues and other crises.
  • Community Integration: We support residents in connecting with community-based resources and activities, fostering strong social support networks. Our aim is to create a sense of belonging within the community.


Meeting the Urgent Need

The demand for supportive housing providers in Washington, DC, has never been more acute. According to the Washington, DC Point-in-Time Count in January 2023, the number of homeless single adults increased by 11.6% from the previous year, with 219 adults aged 70 or above experiencing homelessness. Moreover, the challenges faced by aging homeless individuals surpass the capacities of the current shelter system.

In addition, in a community where housing costs surge without a corresponding increase in wages, the affordability gap widens. Despite the city’s allocation of approximately 2,600 housing vouchers to those in need in April 2023, only 600 individuals had moved into housing by the end of June. This stark gap emphasizes the urgency for organizations like Anne's Place to address the growing demand for mission-driven housing solutions in Washington, DC. And we remain dedicated to creating stable homes and fostering independence for those in need. Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals facing homelessness in Washington, DC.



For more information on homelessness and supportive housing in DC, please visit the following websites:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

-Anne Frank

The housing need is increasing in DC. Anne's Place continues to provide permanent supportive housing.

  • The 2023 annual census of individuals experiencing homelessness saw an overall increase in DC from 2022.


  • Anne's Place provides stable housing.

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