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Gloria's retirement from her role as a high school principal's secretary abruptly turned into a struggle for shelter when rent increases forced her out of her apartment. Initially relying on the kindness of others, Gloria eventually found herself living in her car before seeking refuge at Calvary Shelter for Women. It was through Anne's Place that Gloria transitioned to permanent supportive housing, receiving not only a furnished apartment but also essential case management services. With Anne's Place's assistance, Gloria reunited with her family and rebuilt a life of dignity and independence, advocating for others facing similar challenges.




Mary's life took an unexpected turn when mental health challenges disrupted her career at the World Bank, leading to the loss of her home and family ties. After finding herself in a women's shelter, she encountered Anne's Place, which offered her an apartment and vital case management support in 2007. Over time, as her physical health declined, Anne's Place facilitated her transition to a long-term care facility, where she received specialized care. Despite the challenges, Mary reunited with her estranged son and overcame her physical limitations with rehabilitation, ultimately returning to independent living, supported by Medicaid-funded home health aides and her son's care. Her journey is a testament to resilience and the transformative impact of comprehensive support.



Since finding refuge at Anne's Place, Daniel has achieved notable milestones, including earning his GED from the University of the District of Columbia. An accomplished artist, his paintings adorn the walls of his apartment, and his talent extends to notecards distributed by Friendship Place to their esteemed donors. Daniel also expresses his gratitude through personalized notecards to Anne Frank House and enjoys attending art events with his neighbors on weekends.


Dave’s journey to Anne's Place began amidst personal loss and struggles with homelessness. After losing his mother and enduring hardships on the streets, Dave found solace in a loving relationship until tragedy struck again. Following the loss of his partner and home, Dave navigated the complexities of the homeless shelter system before serendipitously discovering Anne's Place through a friend's case manager. Welcomed with warmth and support, Dave found a sense of belonging in his new apartment, reuniting with family and embracing life's joys once again. With gratitude for the opportunities provided by Anne's Place, Dave is reclaiming his dignity and building a brighter future surrounded by loved ones.


Henry, one of the earliest residents to join our supportive community nearly twenty years ago, led a vibrant life before he faced adversity. Originally from Ghana, he pursued education at Howard University, earning a Bachelor's degree in Actuarial Science in 1984. Following his studies, he ventured into various career paths, including telemarketing and banking. However, a sudden onset of a degenerative spinal disease altered his trajectory, leaving him without sensation in his legs and unemployed. Finding refuge at Anne’s Place through Friendship Place, Henry not only secured housing but also received crucial support services, including Medicaid-funded home health aides, food assistance, transportation, and medical treatment. Grateful for the comprehensive aid provided by Anne's Place, Henry is thriving once again.


James,  a resident of Anne Frank House since 2004, is renowned as one of Washington DC's finest street poets. His journey took a pivotal turn in the winter of 2001 when he found himself homeless, battling the bitter cold and hunger on the streets of Washington. Joining a creative writing group at Miriam's Kitchen, a local soup kitchen, provided James with a community of fellow poets experiencing homelessness. Anne Frank House offered him a secure haven to pursue his passion for poetry, while our partner, Friendship Place, extended crucial social services and support.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

-Anne Frank

The housing need is increasing in DC. Anne's Place continues to provide permanent supportive housing.

  • The 2023 annual census of individuals experiencing homelessness saw an overall increase in DC from 2022.


  • Anne's Place provides stable housing.

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